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The Intruder (1989)

Shot and edited live in-camera The Intruder is a morning of video experimentation produced by a few of the team at SWAMP ART in the late 1980s. Shot on location at The Academy, Corrimal Street Wollongong, The Intruder was shot and directed by Bill O'D and features Rob Laurie as the Intruder, Don Francis and Katia Molino as the couple and a mighty track of improvisation from Man Bites Dog.

There was no facility to proof audio and image synchronisation in the production process.

Jamming © Man Bites Dog




Man Bites Dog: Life (1990)

From the EP of the same name this clip was shot and directed by Bill O'Donovan and edited by Grant Osborn. It was shot for the WINTV show Kids' News. The shoot took place in a single late afternoon on location in Cringila and Warrawong.





Life © Man Bites Dog


Johnny Ice (1990-91)

Johnny Ice is a video character created with Grant Osborn in 1990. The video and character were to serve, as an unlikely but highly successful, entree into the bustling Tokyo sub-culture, all the way to the very pinnacle of Japanese society and culture. Through screenings in Tokyo and on the strength of the work opportunities arose to work in video production, meet a wide range of terrific people, exhibit in Tokyo and Kyoto, and actually gain access to the Imperial Palace and the presence of the Emperor and Empress of Japan.




Returning to Australia and working with Steve Bellman Johnny was to become the basis for one of the first multi-media projects funded by the Australian Film Commission.



Pero Animation Test (1992)

Pero was developed as an animation test with Gonzalo Robledo from Intermedia in Korakuen. The frames were all hand-drawn over a week and Gonzalo's camera operator rigged up his BetaCam to shoot at five frames per second and the sequence was recorded on a lazy Saturday afternoon in Korakuen.




 Music © La Fura dels Baus


Johnny Ice Tokyo Promo (c.1992)

Working again with Gonzalo Robledo and the Intermedia crew a couple of shoots were put together to try and construct a Tokyo Johnny promo piece. It was a lot of fun bit there was never enough time to really put a solid package together. Although at one stage a Tokyoville script was in development with Grant Osborn.


Maybe one day....



 Music © Dennis Gunn


Mr. Burros (1993)

Mr. Burros was a fellow traveler on my daily commute to Ginza from Oku. He was a very particular individual, who was very predictable in his movements. Shooting over three afternoons it was possible to get enough footage to give  quite substantial coverage of his determined daily descent down the stairs at Ueno station.

This is one of the first pieces to be edited in-camera re-shooting original footage replayed through a video monitor.

There was no facility to proof audio and image synchronisation in the production process.

Centre of a Girl © 1990 The Cramps


The Wedding (1993)

The wedding is built around the day long broadcast of the imperial wedding of Masako Owada to the Crown Prince Naruhito.

Re-shot off screen the sequencing achieves some very effective points of synchronisation.

The audio is from a mix-tape sent from Australia by Perry Silvio.

There was no facility to proof audio and image synchronisation in the production process.

Mix-Tape © 1993 DJ Pez




Dog Henry (1994)

Dog Henry was an attempt to try and take the 'hand-made' format into the realm of narrative.

The shoot took place in a single afternoon with the wonderful David Aitken in the lead role and stomping from his apartment across town to Shibuya and the catching a train home.

Rob Laurie supplied the music track.

There was no facility to proof audio and image synchronisation in the production process.

Dog Henry Soundtrack © 1994 Rob Laurie


Tokyo Hands (1995)

Tokyo Hands was shot over the last two days before Bill had to leave Japan. It is based around an observation made over is time living in Tokyo that everyone could peel apples really well. Over the two days friends and random acquaintances were asked to peel an apple and the results were recorded.

There were no second takes or re-peels.

There was no facility to proof audio and image synchronisation in the production process.

Snakeman Show © 1993 Adrian Sherwood

40,000 PIXELS

40,000 Pixels (2016)

40,000 pixels is an After Effects project, stitching together Hokusai's panoramic views of the Sumida river.

The subsequent image file was 40,000 pixels wide.





The Destiny of the the Little Bird Trapped Inside a Small Cage for Life

© 2007 Susumu Yokota